Actually a very good meeting

Aaron and I went to a meeting last night at the Lakeshore Advantage in Zeeland. Dean Whittaker headed up the discussion about turning your ideas into information. When he got up to start talking he made it clear that he wanted a discussion not to a lecture, which was fun.
So – he starts to ask a few questions like If You Could Have The Answer To Anything, What Would It Be? No one was saying anything, everyone is looking around so I blurt out “The Lies Of Motherhood!” A few women chuckle and then it becomes a 15 second feat to get everyone in the room to understand I said LIES not LIVES. We ended up calling it The Myths of Motherhood. And then we all moved on – but there’s more … at one point there was another topical question about gaining information or something to that affect and people were spouting off different reasons or ideas and Aaron blurts out – Men Are Smarter!
Crowd stopper. All the women in the room looked back, a few glared and then Aaron made a quick remark about the guy next to us actually saying it. They all noticed the guy who thinks he’s smarter than woman is sitting next to the woman who apparently hates motherhood.
Could our innocent remarks meant to liven up the room have gone any worse?

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