I used to want to be a trucker for a summer, just to see what it’s all about. I looked into the education needed for my license to do so and talked with my uncle who, at the time, owned a few semi’s and a milk hauling company. Obviously, nothing came of it. But I really like trying new things and experiences.
I’ve also always wanted a loft in some downtown community, maybe Boston, but not New York. I wanted to paint my walls bright red and a ridiculous green and have open style cabinets with miss-matched plates and bowls exposed. I envisioned myself wearing my hair in dreads and having a bandanna or some other fun fabric in my hair at all times. And I’d wear jewelry, like bracelets and big over sized fake jewel rings.
Or I’ve day dreamed about back-packing Europe – with out any plans. Just getting on a plane, cashing out my bank accounts and seeing where I can go.
Some of these day dreams are imperative to my pre-married life, some are for before Jessica was born – and even still some are for when we’re empty nester’s. I want to try it all.
But this is freaking awesome. If I could ride a road bike like this, or get in shape enough to try – I totally would.

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