Trouble shooting

I think we reversed our potty training woes this morning. It took a turn for the worse after we took Jessica to the ER for her eye. She reminded us almost everyday that she fell on the table and that she was scared of the toilet. I think part of the reason is that when she was getting ready to get off the chair (which is when she fell into the coffee table) she was on her way to the bathroom.
This would scare the living poop out of me too, by the way. I don’t blame her. If the result of going potty meant an ouie and some strange guy in white restraining me while mom and dad HELPED! I would bail on the whole idea in a heart beat.
But alas, this morning while we were out and about downtown Holland doing some shopping and looking and talking to friends – she apparently flung herself into a table at Borr’s Bootery and hit the opposite eye in the same fashion creating an identical cut to the other one.
Now because we’re already completely screwed up some how, I think we just reversed our potty training woes. She’s used to the toilet all morning and is taking a nap in panties. Not pull ups.
Which is awesome because we have about 4 pull ups left and we were debating on whether or not to buy more diapers or stick with it. Poor kid, all she needed to do was run into another table.
Problem solved!

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