A fun day, with a terrible two. Oxymoron?

Setting1: Jessica’s first train ride – we took her on the Cottontail Express where the Easter Bunny made a surprise appearance!
Background: Jessica throws a fit whenever we say no to her, at all, on the train.
Plot: Once we get off the train and we get settled back in the car Aaron and I lean over and talk to Jessica …
Me: “Jessica, you are not allowed to act like that in public. You need to listen to Mom and Dad. If you continue to act like this we won’t be doing special things with you until you can handle it.”
Aaron: “And Jessica, you’re not allowed to talk to mom or me in that tone of voice or in that manner. That is unacceptable.”
Me and Aaron in unison: “Yes Mom? (waiting for reply) Yes Dad? (waiting for reply)
Jessica: “Yes mom. Yes dad.”
Me: “Say you’re sorry to mom and dad”
Jessica: “Sorry Mom, Dad.”
Continuing Plot: We get back on the highway to head towards Ann Arbor to visit some friends for dinner … something happened – like the sun was shining or I smiled at my daughter – Jessica threw another fit.
I look at Aaron and say: “We’re going to have to have this conversation again aren’t we? … My turn or yours?”

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