Not caring about your standards

I’m not slacking … putting videos on my site is hard work. But the content has been lacking, I know. We’ve been in lock down over here, in Potty Training Boot Camp.
Why? Well, I’m so glad you asked. Jessica knows how to use the potty – in fact she was 100% successfully potty trained for almost a month before her first eye accident and then we let a few things slide and then she got lazy and now she’s using it as a control tactic.
Boot. Camp.
Yesterday, like every Monday, our babysitter came in the afternoon so I could have some time outside the house and get a few errands done. Unfortunately for her that meant helping in the first day at Boot Camp. I think she had to clean up a total of 7 accidents. I’m sorry Amie! But you were so instrumental to our success, because today? She’s doing awesome. No accidents yet, and we were out of the house for about an hour – dry.
I’m not skirting the issue of what Boot Camp means over here – and I don’t care if you disagree with us. When you spend 24 hours a day with Jessica for 2 years, 2 months and 22 days (thats odd, but I counted, it’s true) then you have every right to us we’re doing something wrong. But until then – shut it.
Boot Camp means – she’s naked, all the time. And if she has an accident she gets scolded, unlike every popular book out there that warns of damaging the psyche of your kid if you use any other tone than the pretty one. Or, and this may come as a shock to you, if you tell your child they did something wrong. That, in itself, is wrong – you bad, bad parent.
Suck it.
It also means that when she uses the toilet correctly she gets rewarded with her choice of either candy or a few coins for her piggy bank – and a star on her Responsibility Chart. She loves this stuff. And she’s doing fabulously. It’s working. The whole us being parents and her being the child.
Wow. Who would have thought?

3 thoughts on “Not caring about your standards

  1. You have inspired me…and i dont even have kids yet!! Owen and I are currently in Doggie Boot Camp, and though it may be tough love…it must be done…no matter how bad/mean it may look from the outside!

  2. let me affirm you and your training tactics– WAY TO GO! i’ve been doing a whole lot of reading for my leadership class, which may seem unrelated. however, this author talks about our culture and how we have come to a point where we are so afraid of offending people we refuse to tell people they are wrong, or scold kids–we just let them do whatever for fear of their need of therapy later in life. i agree with you, those people can suck it. there are plenty of people who were raised and told no, and scolded, and they turned out to be great–better than a lot of people today who weren’t told no. if we ever had kids, i’ll do it the same way you do. being told when you make mistakes is a good thing, something our culture isn’t embracing as much as it used to. boundaries people!

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