Who needs free entertainment?

Today looks to be cold and a bit gloomy here in Holland, Mi which is ok because I have a mountain of laundry to fold, like every other day. Today it’ll be easier to actually fold said laundry because of the gloominess outside – I won’t be longing to be frolicking in my garden or blowing bubbles with Jessica on our porch.
She generally helps in some fashion while I’m folding the laundry and lets assume we’re using “helps” as a very loose term here. She likes to UNfold my laundry and put all her panties on at once, and then 3 or 4 pairs of pants and a skirt. She can’t figure out the shirts yet so she just flails them across the room and they end up in another pile waiting to be refolded. Then she either attacks the towels or the linens and just makes a huge pile to play “sleeping” in.
The most interesting is when she gets to my pile of clothes, Aaron does his own laundry, has since we got married. I think in the past 4 years I’ve maybe done one load of his laundry, ever. Reason # 44 that I love him dearly. When my clothes become the object of her affection she likes to start with my socks putting them on like expensive dinner gloves and walking around in all her pants and skirts like she’s the bee’s knee’s. This outfit is usually only complete when a purse is hanging around her neck.
When thats boring she’ll move on to my work out clothes, some jersy shorts or a sports bra and begin to dress herself in the over sized tops and bottoms as if it were her normal, every day routine. Thankfully she hasn’t taken an interest in my underwear yet – I usually don’t let her play with my skivies just because it’s kind of embarrassing to see your two year old strut your boy-cut under pants like she owns the room.
And my bras … she thinks are hats.
I won’t go there, either.

6 thoughts on “Who needs free entertainment?

  1. there are a few dutch, conservative grandmas who know how to shake it in the locker rooms. in 7th grade i was on the girls swim team and was in the locker room changing when all of a sudden my grandma came prancing into the changing area…butt naked. she slapped my butt as she went shuffling by with her ‘waterlily’ friends. i think my little girlfriends eyes were popping out of their heads and i wanted to crawl into a hole. i was horrified by the sight. but now that i look back on it…i really hope that i can be that crazy grandma who doesn’t give 2 hoots about funky, wrinkly, saggy, discolored, disoriented body parts. i think you should bust into a good naked dance next time to show those moms what’s up. heck, in college, we kept all the conservative women away by soaping up the shower floor and sliding around.

  2. Your timing is phenomenal! In American Lit we just read The Scarlet Letter ~ and their assignment is to take a stand on judgment in our churches today ~ and to use the book, and the lyrics to the song Does Anybody Hear Her by Casting Crowns ~ in which they refer to the Scarlet Letter too. They are doing that essay THIS week. May I use this entry in class next week ~ for that is when we will have our ‘deep’ discussions. Thanks! (Heehee ~ maybe I should have you come and ‘guest speak!’)

  3. No problem at all – feel free to use the entry and no matter about posting the comment here, I just love that people are posting šŸ™‚

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