Cadbury Roses

After finally putting most of our bedroom together we decided to sell our bed frame on Craigslist. It only took 3 days to sell. Rick and Megan from East Grand Rapids came by tonight to take it home with them and pay us in cash. Nice.
They’re a super duper couple – if it wasn’t weird I would have loved to ask them to stay for a drink and get to know them better. We could start out the conversation with how we have the bed in common and go from there. No, not akward at all. We’re not really those weirdo’s.
I’m happy our bed and her side tables went to a nice new home. Truth be told both Aaron and I are ready for some younger flavor in this house. When we bought it we planned to sell in 3 years and continue buying and selling for a total 5-8 houses to be living mortgage free at the end of the moving tunnel. We’re still on that path, it’s just going to take a little longer with this house than we originally thought. So we’re repainting and redoing a few things to suite us better, not some potential buyer.
I do still love the color of our room, but after looking online for the past few days at some ideas I’m totally geeked about what we could do instead of that Robin’s Egg Blue (actually called Thunderbird on the paint chip).
I found this wallpaper at Graham & Brown that I fell in love with. Maybe we’ll put this on one wall and then go with a lighter, almost white color on the other walls and use art to bring out the personality of the room.
Camilla painted her new house all white because she loves color so much – and I love it. The white isn’t bland or sterile, it’s alive and bright and very beautiful.
We’re still tossing around some ideas but I’m really excited about some of these changes. We might stay at this house for longer than we planned, but that doesn’t mean we can’t like it.

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