If you haven’t noticed lately, our daughter’s a hoot.

One of the awesome things about Jessica being in a twin size bed versus her crib nowadays is how our mornings start.
Clock reads 8:06 AM
Jessica walks in our bedroom … “Good M-O-ning, Mom!” “Mom, wake up, Good M-O-ning!!”
Me: “Well, good morning to you too sweet heart, did you sleep well?”
Jessica: “Oh yes. Tanks.”
Me: “Well I’m glad. Want to come in bed with me for a minute?”
Jessica: “OK!”
This lasts for all of 30 seconds before she’s pulling the covers off and asking me to make her breakfast … but it sure beats being woken up by crying or whinning every morning. This way we get dimples in the morning and the possibility of the Best Ever Pretend Pancakes This Side Of The Mississippi.

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