Join me for a perfect meal in the french countryside

It would start near dusk on the edge of the vineyard, with the ripe, pregnant grapes dripping with dew behind us and the green hillside in front of us dancing on the horizon. There would be an old wood plank table and iron bracket chairs. The linens are a mixture of creamy white dust and the wine bottle has the old wax seal blubbering all it’s secrets. We’re drinking the local wine, which is a port with a hint of the sunshine washed breeze. We can tell it has aged well. It is sweet, but only as sweet as a good port can be without overpowering our fresh fish dinner.
The entres are on the table waiting for us – the fish was freshly caught this morning and only moments ago steamed and grilled to our liking. There’s a lemon wedge on top of the fish and some fresh rosemary and thyme. Our salads are a mixture of tomatoes, olives, vinegars and oils with just the right blend of spices to make us believe we’re eating candy. And the green beans are succulent and flirting with our fish right before our eyes.
As we eat the sun is setting turning the green hillside into a brilliant splash of pinks and purples while orange is dancing on every wild flower’s petal. We can hear the vineyards family having a feast up behind us – they’re laughing and drinking and we imagine them patting their stomachs with satisfaction while we quietly enjoy the making of their memories.
After a robust conversation salted with more port and a few daydreams we take a walk and hand pick our dessert right off the vine. It’s a bit cooler now with the sun set and the grapes are peaking – they’re tender with a rough skin and when we bite into them they fall all over our mouth and tongue. They’re simply delicious.
The night ends with laughter after a self guided tour of the acres and acres of vineyard. We’re tired and satisfied beyond comprehension.

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