We regress

Potty training is like a four letter word to me right now. It’s frustrating. Mostly because she is, but doesn’t care about it. So this morning I asked her what the problem was and she said – I want diapers.
Done. We’re buying diapers and we’ll see what happens. The frustrating part for me is that this isn’t a result of a big change or her asserting her independence – although we’ve been through that – she just doesn’t care. Does not care. And she used to. She cared alot – so much so that it was like riding bike no-hands. She did it by herself, on her own and we just watched and congratulated.
Well now she’s done and being lazy is where it’s at – and I’m just ok with that because I’m tired of the never ending laundry pile that is her soiled panties.
She wants diapers. We’ll see how fun it is to sit in poop all over again. Maybe this is all it’ll take.
And, No, it’s not OK to send me unsolicited advise about this. I really don’t care what worked for you or your views on how she’s only 2 and all that bull. You don’t live with her. She is not your child.

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