Trampoline: 1, Jessica: 0

We did it. We bought a trampoline this morning. Jessica? well she fell in love on our yard. Literally.
I wasn’t there to see it, I was inside making lunch when Aaron and Jessica came inside with her little busted knee. She fell on the ladder. We have yet to put the enclosure up – which we’ll be doing much faster now.
Let me tell you, though, this trampoline is like the secret stash of 50’s in your mom’s sock drawer you saw when you were 15 and didn’t know what to think or say. Do you tell someone? Do you even look? This trampoline isn’t a secret – but it gives you the same feeling. Utter fascination and complete awe.
Currently Jessica is taking a nap that began when her head hit the pillow. Not lying and so recreating tomorrow.

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