Our first house

We bought a house together before we were engaged. All of 13 days before we were engaged. One of Aaron’s requests of me before we got married was to live on my own. A request I have thanked him for many, many times – oh how wise he was. The 6 months I lived in our house on my own before we got married are among some of the happiest memories I have.
I made those memories here:
Our mortgage on this house was 323 dollars and some odd sense every month. Plus taxes and insurance – which was a whopping 150 bucks more to set aside each month. We had so much money it wasn’t even funny. Although, of course, at the time we didn’t think so. All those $50 trips to Target were part of the budget. I kill myself some times.
I was working full time as was Aaron – so that all helped. We do look at eachother every once in a while and think out loud – What the hell did we sell that house for? I Loved that house. Loved.
This was my cheery little kitchen.
And this was my awesome little living room.
This, the perfect little bathroom.
Our simple bedroom.
And the second bedroom that changed functions a lot – but mostly our office.
And our mudroom/back entrance/laundry room that we remodeled.
I loved that house. We needed more space because our business was out of our house and the first year of marriage was like a cock fight for available space. It was a small house. But it was my first house. My very independent, freedom house.
We also love our current house – what with all the square footage. But there is constantly something to be done – it feels like we’re never “done”. And we were done with the first house. It was small enough to do just right. It would have fit in our kitchen/dining/living/mudroom of this house.
Oh little Perry home – the fond memories I hold near and dear of you will keep me plugging away at my current, never ending list of things to do. I’ll remember our ding-dong breakfasts together with tears in my eyes for all my days to come.

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  1. Hi Jessie! Sorry I deleted my MySpace account … I love that you comment here šŸ™‚ That house was awesome wasn’t it?

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