My completely ridiculous reasons for loving Aaron

There are the mushy reasons that I love him, you know the vulnerable ones, the quote on quote real ones but then there are a few other reasons like …
He does his own laundry
He got his nipple pierced at my request
He drinks wine while I drink beer
He’s forever young, but getting older
He teaches me skating moves on the trampoline
He always has energy for Jessica
Some times, he makes the bed
He buys me tampons and pregnancy tests and chips – all at the same time
He will choose steak or lobster over any other option almost 89% of the time and the other 11% he’ll have a salad
He is surprisingly predictable but completely adventurous
He taught me how to wear eye liner
He spends more time in the bathroom than I do – apparently it’s all that hair. Or he’s just gorgeous and knows it.
And he trys all my cooking experiments and then compliments me

2 thoughts on “My completely ridiculous reasons for loving Aaron

  1. Sweet! I found all this highly amusing, delightful and VERY informative. Keep up the creative journalism and interesting subject matter…this gives me incentive to be more adventurous in my disclosures. Uh oh! See what you’ve done!

  2. haha, thats great! I can’t wait to read some more of your writing as the onion peels farther and farther back. Sometimes I fight with myself about what I can and can’t write here – it usually ends up being published in the long run. And it’s nice that Aaron doesn’t mind šŸ™‚

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