We like it Hot Hot Hot

Aaron doesn’t know it yet but I’m signing us up for a Salsa Dance class through the Holland Area Arts Council. It’s his fault though. Since we bought the trampoline he’s been teaching me all kinds of things having to do with break dancing and skating and we’ve been watching movies on YouTube about break dancing, too. It’s addicting and it makes me want to move.
You might not know this about me but I love to dance. There is no exaggeration going on here, I l-o-v-e to dance. I used to spend hours upon hours in my room dancing in front of a circle shaped mirror that was about 14 inches wide. Weddings, bachelorette party’s and Chicago are serious play time for me, what with all the dancing and music and bass.
Ah, who am I kidding – we have a dance party every day after nap time. iTunes cranks up and Jessica and I frolick and move for about an hour.
Anyway, you should totally sign up to do Salsa with Aaron and I – it’ll begin on June 14 and be a 3 week class from 8-9 pm on Thursdays. We’re pretty much going to rock – you’ve been warned.

3 thoughts on “We like it Hot Hot Hot

  1. not that i have a prayer of convicing my hubby to do this, but how much does this cost? just in case… šŸ˜‰

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