She’s my mom, not my sister

I’ve just learned that Jessica identity’s her Grandma’s by their hair. Anyone with white hair is automatically one of her Grandma-Great’s. Anyone with brown, full, slightly curly/wavy hair – is Grandma (my mom).
Unfortunately for most women in their late 30’s to mid 40’s my mom looks much younger than she is. When I’m with my mom and Jessica – people have asked my mom how old her daughter is, when she says 23, they ask – months? It usually comes out in an embarrassing display of nervous laughter by the other party that they thought my mom was my daughters mom and I was the little sister of my mother.
My mom is hot. Let’s just say it. I’m totally banking on the fact that I have her genes. May I please please look like her at 51. PLEASE! Only, also still look like me, and cuter.
Today while Jessica and I were at the hospital visiting one of her Grandma-Great’s a woman was walking towards us – I could tell this was not my mother but she had the hair and Jessica made numerous comments about how GRANDMA WAS HERE – MOM, LOOK GRANDMA’S HERE!
This poor woman, who I’m sure does not have grandkids, let alone 7 of them, just looked, smiled a sad smile and kept walking. I wanted to explain to her – Jessica’s only two and has 17 living grandparents, she can’t keep them all straight and you have hair like my mom, who coincidently looks younger than you (I would have left that last part out, but in my mind I was apologizing very honestly).
It’s hard to blame this kind of backward compliment on your two year old. She might not know better, but all the adults sitting within hearing range do and they all look and they all feel badly for said mistaken grandparent.
World – woman in your 40’s and brunettes – I’m sorry my daughter always thinks your her grandma, but you should be proud because my mom is one of the best grandparents I know. There are 18 to be exact. She’s loving and attentive and hot, but we’ve already covered that. She pretends to smell the flowers in every book which produces buckets of jovial laughter every single time. You might not have any grandkids yet, but believe me, when you do – this is the highest compliment anyone under 3 feet could ever give you.

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  1. Whoa! just got caught up on your blog….you are totally embarrassing me, but thank you so much! You are the most precious daughter and YES! for all you out there….I ABSOLUTELY LOVE being a grannie! 🙂

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