Owning your own yard

When we moved here we hit the jackpot as far as a yard goes within the city limits. We’re on a dead end road and even better, we’re at the end of that dead end road. With woods around us. We love our house. And we like the possibility of our lawn.
We’re the second owners of this house – and it was very apparent that the previous owners and therefore the builders of this house took great care and pride in their home and yard. They were also from a different era. With the felt wallpaper and the shag carpet and the asbestos tiles in our basement.
Sadly we bought our house through an estate sale. The original owners had passed away and the children didn’t want the house anymore and couldn’t keep up with the meticulous maintenance.
They cried at the closing – but then again, so did I as it was the same day as my dad’s visitation and I was about 5 months pregnant.
We’ve done a lot to this house. We recently had an appraisal done because we were thinking of selling so I had to make a list of all the improvements and I was shocked. Living here it doesn’t seem like we put that much time, energy and money into this house already – oh but we have. As you can already tell, we’re not selling … yet. We will someday – when Michigan decides to take a turn for the better as far as housing goes.
But we haven’t spent a lot of time on the yard. We’ve added a few flower beds, a fire pit station, and some slate stone as a walkway … and my garden – but none of that helps the lawn. The crabgrass and the moss. The issues we have with flooding a portion of our yard because of the plane field and run off. Did I mention yet that our yard is friggen huge? We simply can’t keep up with it.
So we gave in and asked a lawn care service to help us get it ready and manageable – to clean ‘er up, kill the weeds and in general make it so that all we have to do is mow it.
They came this morning. Jessica is memorized by the big machines they’re using and the noises – I’m in awe of the power of their machines and the sheer disgust we’ve let happen to our yard. I can’t wait for this summer when walking on our lush green carpet of a lawn will be pleasant and not prickly.
There are just some things we can’t do on our own, and we’re ok with this. Besides, Aaron is hella busy and I’m usually busy watching my toe nails grow.

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