Crap! Geez! Ah NUTS!

It has become increasingly important for us to watch what we say around Jessica. She’s been repeating everything new and interesting. Like Oh My Gosh. And Geez. And these aren’t “bad” per se but they’re offensive out of a 2 year old in my book. Which begs the question – why aren’t they offensive out of my mouth?
We’ll get to that, I’m sure. But in the mean time, we have to resort to saying things like AH NUTS! and UH OH SPAGHETTI-O. It’s quite effective and Jessica likes saying these phrases far more than she does the ones where we correct her.
Some times she’s not even listening, or so we think, and we’ll be having a conversation in another room where one of us says something like CRAP or GEEZ and then we hear the faintest little echo. Crap! Geez!
And we start wincing. and kind of giggling … because if she can’t see us being surprised by her then maybe she won’t do it again. Maybe.

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