Organic, whole, natural … buzz words

This past year I met with Jill Tanis twice a month. She is a holistic health counselor. Feel free to think outside of the box on this one. Holistic was a naughty word to me for a very long time. You know, like weird and unknown and seriously not ok with God. Um. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.
Holisitc is very natural and deals with all, entire and total.
The time I spent with Jill was invaluble to me. It was expensive, yes. Like seeing a shrink and a nutritionist all in one. But it was also an education, one I would gladly have paid more for if I went to college for it.
This is the testimonial I wrote for Jill after my time with her was done …
“When I started my journey with Jill Tanis I was looking for some tips on how to eat and live healthier and I wanted to lose the baby weight I had gained so easily through pregnancy. What I didn’t bargain for was realizing how food affects my life on so many more levels than nutritional, in fact for me; food is almost 100% emotional. I learned what dairy does to my body and am now living a mostly dairy free life and love it. I learned the effects of refined sugar and white flour – but also of whole grains and dark leafy greens.
Through a very emotional breakthrough I made with the help of Jill I was able to lose the weight I was carrying, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually as well. I went from a size 14 to a size 8 in the course of our year together. It wasn’t easy. I had to make sacrifices that were healthy for me, not easy for me but I would do it again tomorrow if I woke up and found myself in that unforgiving place I couldn’t seem to escape.
Jill Tanis is a wonderful holistic health counselor, more than that she’s a beautiful person who puts into practice what she’s asking her clients to try for the first time. She created a space for me in which it was safe to be human, forgetful, not perfect, tired, lonely, real; but through her encouragement and counsel that same space soon became the haven that cultured the beginning of my healing and the start of the whole life I’m living today.”
Some weeks we’d talk about food and my relationship to certain things, we did a lot of excersises and a grocery store tour – she sent me recipes and books and magazines. She is a wealth of knowledge to tap into and learn from. Some weeks all we’d talk about is the aformentioned emotional break through. It was tailored to me. And I would holeheartedly recommend to each and every person who asks.

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