Karma before 8 am

I did it. I woke up before Jessica (and Aaron) this morning.
Um, I’ve never really done this. A few times here and there and of course when we have something going on in the morning I’m up and ready and some times having to wake Jessica up – but 98% of them time, she wakes me up.
I am a morning person, too – I love mornings. I like silent mornings with no demands, slow mornings. Something I gave up almost 2 1/2 years ago – but not really because I could wake up earlier and enjoy it. Which also means less sleep and more reason to nap later.
This is a win win in my book. I like this, I’m going to keep doing this.
As karma would have it – it’s quarter to 8 and she’s still sleeping. She wakes up at 7:20 or earlier every morning when I keep my lazy butt in bed. Obviously.

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