Lessons in Anatomy

Jessica has been learning new words. Like Boobs. A little background? Ok.
Aaron has always been uber squeamish when deciding what it is we’re going to call “it” in referring to Jessica’s asking – what is this? or Why doesn’t daddy have a bum? Which, is what she calls her southern region. A bum. Whatever. I’m ok with this. Aaron would prefer if she didn’t know she had a southern region and when I talk to her about it I call it what it is – a vagina.
Because in my house a penis is a penis and a vagina is a vagina. Not a noodle or a flower.
Well she’s getting more curious about all this as time goes on and showering with her is getting a little more interesting every time. As mentioned before, she already knows what breasts are but she’s taken to calling them boobs and this morning at home we were talking and all of a sudden she asks me …
Mom, where are your boobs?
All the while tugging at my shirt and telling me where her’s are.
I’m not that cool. I don’t want to flash my kid. I’m just waiting for the day when we’re in public and she starts to talk about boobs. There’s a story about me at 2 – apparently I saw my grandpa get out of the shower and I explaimed to him, excitedly “You have a penis just like my daddy!”. It took my grandparents a few years to tell my parents this they were so embarassed. Because when my mom was growing up they all pretended that pooping was a naughty word.
Oh how times change.

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