Embarassing moments captured

Let’s take a moment and glide down memory lane here … I have a section of this website dedicated specifically to my most embarassing moments. So far there are 31 entries that I felt fell into this category.
You’ll want to check out Pregnancies Most Embarassing Moment. For me, this one takes the cake … “But then it happens, I’m laying on this bed with my butt hanging out in mid air and my feet hoisted in these stirrup things – and like a small wind passing in the field, I let one go.”
Of course we could all make fun of my domestic abilities … “Aaron and I decided to peek at Jessica, because we could, then we ventured into the kitchen for some water and – well, we met the MOB of soapy water all over our floor.
And as always around here we can’t forget to mention the ongoing infatuation we have with nipples, boobs and breasts. “then she turns to me and says “Mommy has BIG BIG beep-beep’s”

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