Stuck in the gutter

This morning Aaron and I looked at a little house in Holland for investment purposes – and I got there a little early to see the outside of the house and just generally check things out. I’m standing there and Jessica is explaining to me how she really wants to go to the park across the street when I hear this sick noise.
Like a cat fighting with a squirel, and one of them is dieing, but I’m not sure which one. I looked around to see if I could find anything and I came to the conclusion that a cat must be stuck in the tree across the street – so I start walking over when I hear it again, only it’s coming from beneath me.
Then I saw these two little eyes looking at me from the other side of the iron gate on a gutter in the side of the road – a kitten was stuck in there. About that time the mom and 3 other baby kittens came out from underneath the deck of the house we were going to look at and the mom looked at me like, Can you get my baby?
I am not an animal person. I had a cat growing up which I loved, but there hasn’t been a cat since nor will there ever be – and I’m not a particular cuddly person when it comes to dogs either. Just not my thing. Plus I don’t like taking care of them, and they’re hella hairy.
But you should have seen this mom and her kittens and the baby stuck in the gutter. There was a car parked over the gutter opening so I couldn’t do anything about it – when all was said and done I called the City and asked them to take care of it.
They just called me back to let me know they had gotten not only the kitten I saw, but 2 others out of the gutter and all is well.
Jessica was uber disappointed that we didn’t rescue one to our house. And I have to admit, I thought about it. Then Aaron came and mentioned something about forgetting his gun.

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  1. Don’t tell Tracy the address! But I bet it was super cute! Good luck with all the wedding stuff.

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