June 8

Today marks the last day of school for most of our teacher friends – and oddly enough that I remember this, a childhood friend’s birthday. Happy Birthday Melissa! haha. I’m pretty sure she has no idea I have a website although I’ve been surprised before finding out who reads this.
I’m pretty sure I remember her birthday because her 10th year party was a bit of a personal disaster for me. My parents had, not that long ago, begun the tumultuous road down Divorce Blvd and that year was a bit of hell in all our lives. Another little friend of mine, Allison, was also at this party and as the favors Melissa’s mom filled Sunny D bottles with Runts candy – well Allison had asked for hers, which happened to be next to me on top of the play palace and I misjudged the distance to her hand and ended up hitting her in the head with it. NOT ON PURPOSE. I’ll never forget that, though, because Melissa’s mom scolded me in front of everyone and then made and explanation out of my personal struggle as to why I might not be being “so nice” to the other kids. But really? It was just an accident.
Wow. Not to put a damper on her current birthday. It was a fun party. And I’m sure they all got over it much faster than I did.
Sometimes going through all the old photos makes you remember the silliest things.

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