Schaap sickies

It seems that a summer flu bug is going around – Aaron came home early yesterday to sleep the day away – which he did very well. Today he’s back at work but planning on coming home early again to get some more sleep before the wedding festivities begin tonight. Hopefully after one more good nights sleep he’s strong enough to stand up in the wedding tomorrow.
Jessica woke up yesterday with a green nose – and during the day seemed to be better but again this morning we had quite a bit of congestion and a runny nose.
I’ve been able to abate the sickness and hope I can continue to be healthy at least through this weekend. Then if I must play nice with the germs – I suppose I could for 24 hours or so, but no more than that. I’m not willing to compromise with the germs on this.
so as you can see, we’ve been agreeably boring over here and not much has been happening or worthy of writing about.

One thought on “Schaap sickies

  1. Yeah it’s been going around! even out here in Colorado! i was sick last week šŸ™ i’m going to be in town this weekend so hopefully we’ll get a chance to get together! stay healthy!!

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