Not back but not entirely gone either

I don’t know that I’m back to blogging full time, every day, about everything. I might put a story up here once in a while or share exciting news and photos of Jessica and the like.
I decided to quite because this website, among other things, kept me on my computer for a good 2 or more hours every morning – and then if I got distracted I would sit here and ignore my child for a good half of the day. If I was getting paid to do this or some how reaping a benefit other than anonymous readers I might be willing to continually justify my actions – but I’m a mom. One with a very active 2 1/2 year old daughter. She likes to play. With me. And I like to spend time with her and all her imaginary culinary needs.
I’ll be tailoring this website more for family news – to the family members and friends who live out of state or that we don’t get to see as often. If thats interesting to you, by all means bookmark me – otherwise … who knows maybe I’ll write more for me some where else some day.

2 thoughts on “Not back but not entirely gone either

  1. Yeahhh!! I hope you taylor to us out of town family members! ANyway, love the new pics haven’t checked your flickr in a while and love what you are doing to the house, how fun. Jessica is a beauty and growing into a little girl I cannot beleive it. See you soon!!! enjoy Kael and Molly! Love ya erin

  2. Hi Erin! I can’t wait to see you guys! I know, Jessica is getting so big – today we were telling her how she needs to listen to Mom and Dad and she got frustrated and said BUT NO ONE IS LISTENING TO ME!!! We just started laughing, how can you not laugh at that? She’s freaking adorable. I will be tailoring this site to you out of towners. Keeping you up to date on the happenings of life in Michigan. We’ll see you soon!

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