Jennifer Hudson in Chicago

I literally just bumped into Jennifer Hudson on the corner of Chicago and Michigan in downtown Chicago. She was looking at a horse and carriage and I was trying to get around her with Jessica’s stroller – I didn’t know who it was until she turned around and said she was sorry for being in the way.
We didn’t get a photo because Aaron was all like – whatever and then 4 blocks later he was all about it. yeah. Boys. But anyway – that was awesome. My claim to fame. So far we’ve just walked around, window shopped and ate dinner – now we’re getting ready to swim.
Check out Aaron’s blog – – I think he has a few links as to what he’s doing with the conference and where we’re staying. The “W” hotel on Ontario – seriously nice hotel.
I’m not so sure I’m going home tomorrow now – I might stay the whole time with Aaron, but we’ll see how it goes with Jessica tomorrow, I might not care about anything but my own bed … haha.

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