Aaron coming home!

Aaron comes home tonight! Jessica and I are counting the hours at this point, we’re both very excited about his return. Jessica is going to stay up and go with me to get Aaron from the train station which isn’t that late for her but she started telling me she wanted to go to bed at 6 already.
I’m sorry, but do you know my child? Asking to be put to bed? Really? Someone please check her forehead, and mine for that matter. We’ll see if she makes it. I think she’s got her second wind – we got her a T-ball set up and she hasn’t stopped playing with it since I brought it home, in her pretend high heels of course.
We don’t buy Jessica a lot of toys because most of the stuff she looks at and thinks she wants is only fun for a day and then we’re stuck with some primary colored Piece; but she’s getting to the age where she’s interested in playing games and really taking to all the “pretend play” there is out there.
So we’re looking at getting her a pretend kitchen … any ideas or pro’s/con’s?

2 thoughts on “Aaron coming home!

  1. DO IT!! Tara loved hers until I got sick of the space it occupied. Craigslist will get you a good used one, but for the price they will play for years with them she has been playing with tea sets and pretend food for two years now with no end in sight! And of course if you have more little cuties it will be used for longer(I am just saying….) love erin Glad to see you back, a few weeks and I will be in MI!

  2. Thanks Erin! I’ve done alot of research on the play kitchens and have one all picked out – I’ve checked Craigslist too but they go so fast there. I figure we’ll just use our christmas/bday money from dad to buy this for Jessica – and yes, all our other children we will some day have. Certainly – some day – in the future – some time. You’re great. Can’t wait to see you! I missed Molly (grrr! I feel so bad I didn’t see her!) but got to see Miah a bit and loved it. Can’t wait to see Jamie – all his chub and one year old little self – mmm. šŸ™‚

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