Wedding season

Today is gonna be busy around here – starting at 9 (I’m trying to get it to 9:30) I start taking photos of one of my mom’s friends son’s wedding. I’ll have a small hour break this morning and then I shoot clear til 8pm. I’ve had dreams these past few weeks about forgetting to wake up and go – and then getting called DURING when the ceremony is supposed to be and having some strange, angry family member ask me why am I not taking photos yet? In the dream – my answer? I was still sleeping. At 5 pm.
So I’m a little nervous – the mother of the groom is a worry hen – she emailed me numerous and I mean numerous times in the weeks leading up going as far as to ask me what if my camera breaks between now and the wedding, do I have a back up?
Really? Because that never crossed my mind – and if my camera breaks between now and the wedding – it’ll cost over a grand to replace and then well, no – there’s really no point for me to be taking any photos then, is there.
So I got to bed on time last night and woke up with a start at 7:40 because, WHAT IF I FORGOT?!?!?! And now I’m ready and waiting for it to be 9. Should be a fun day.
It’ll be nice because my mom is the Mistress of Ceremonies with her main squeeze, Roger – so I’ll have someone to help me chorale everyone and get things moving.
I don’t take photos of weddings – for my brother and a close friend, yes – and I have another friend that when she gets married if she wants me to take photos, even if I’m not the “photographer” I will – but other than that … I leave this kind of stuff to the professionals.
So no – I won’t travel to Indiana to take photos of your best friend’s boyrfriend’s mom’s best friend’s daughter’s wedding this fall. But The Walcott’s? They will. Give them a call!

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  1. thanks for the shout out! šŸ™‚ why haven’t we talked about this? it went well, i trust? i saw a few on flickr…

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