thinking about homeschooling

So I’m researching home schooling options for Jessica pretty seriously. Any suggestions? I’d like to start something this fall with her – she’s very ready for a little more of a challenge, and no I’m not going to go crazy and make her read to herself by the age of 3 – but she’s asking to go to school so I think a few mind stretching activities would be great for her.
I picked up a catalog from Baker Book House today and later this week my mom-in-law is going to take me to The Home School Building in Grand Rapids to look through some curriculum books for her age.
I loved homeschooling my last year – I finished high school a year early because of homeschooling and I wish we had found TeenWorks before middle school. I agree that homeschooling isn’t for every child but I flourished with it. I think Jessica is definitely more of a social butterfly so we would put her in school and let her decide what she thinks of it but before 1st grade I think we’re all going to go crazy if she isn’t challenged a little.
Aaron was home schooled longer than me – from the 8th grade on through graduation and he’s a little more skeptical about homeschooling our kids. Mostly because he was SO social and really missed having a high school experience with his friends – although he did have a school id made and sat in classes, unbeknownst to most of the teachers. A nonpaying student attended classes and dances.
So we have a lot to consider and talk about – but I’m not gung-ho about homeschooling our kids for their entire education – if it’s right for one of them than I’ll consider it – right now I’m just thinking about the next 2 years with Jessica and how I can get her involved in learning and ready for school.

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