playing in the sandbox and now the shower

Today was the first day in a few that we haven’t had so much rain that playing outside is more or a less a trip to the bath. I thought.
Jessica’s sandbox is retaining water – so of course after trying to keep her out of it for most of the day she finally got naked and went for it all by herself. And then peed in it. No, I’m not kidding, I can’t make this stuff up.
So now we have a sandbox full of sand, water, mud and pee – among other things I’m sure nature took care of for us and a guaranteed trip to the shower. (her choice) So right now I’m writing this from a seat in the bathroom while she showers all by herself (read: continues to play in clean water) and we have music in the background. Obviously.
I haven’t been taking as many photos lately because after the wedding I shot a couple weekends ago I’m a little tired of processing and the like so I’m just not taking photos. I have about 50 of Jessica I need to load on the computer and process but I’m not done going through all 1,200 photos of the wedding yet. Granted I did treat myself to an entire season of a favorite show – so I took a day or two off.
What? A girl deserves a break.

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