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Thanks so much for commenting, Amanda – for some reason I can’t comment back on my own site, we’re looking into this and will hopefully have this bug worked out soon. And Kerrie – don’t you worry, you’ll be preggers one of these days in the next 5 years and then I’ll buy you some booties.
In other news – Monica has gotten orders faster than she thought possible, which is awesome!, but she’s in dire need of some coupons to JoAnn fabrics – without buying the fabric on sale she doesn’t turn a profit and she’s outsold her current inventory and needs to be making more items today already … so if you have any JoAnn Fabric sale coupons laying around and don’t need them please get them to me and I’ll get them to Monica. You can email me or leave a comment with your name and I’ll get in touch with you to get the coupons.
Friends of ours are in the process of adopting a daughter from Ethiopia – but the process is costly. Monica has been making baby items to sell and recently launched a website to sell her fares. Currently she’s selling baby booties, much like Robeez and baby blankets – much like the purple piece of fabric we can’t ever remove from Jessica’s side.
Please, please check out their website, and if nothing else – read what they’re all about. A purchase of one of their items will only get them closer to adopting a child. If I had some pregnant friends (ehum!) I would be buying these blankets left and right.
Go to Sweet Baby Things, check them out!

3 thoughts on “Check this out

  1. Those are so cute… but it still doesn’t make me feel like I should rush out and get prego.

  2. Hi Jodi!
    I used to work with your mom over at WQ and love to pop in every now and then to see how much Jessica has grown and changed. She was just a little baby the last time you brought her by your mom’s work to show her off. It’s so hard to believe how fast the time has gone. Anyway, I happened to to check your site out today and was pleasantly surprised by the link to sweet baby things. I am expecting our first baby in just a few weeks and cannot wait to place an order for a pair of booties and a blanket!
    Thanks for sharing the link to these adorable baby goodies!

  3. I just placed my order for a friends baby’s shower…i am so excited! Thanks for the link!! šŸ™‚

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