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The return of my somewhat offbeat, personal pieces is making a small comeback to this site because when browsing the internet and finding things I can’t NOT think of the story I want to write about it.
Because this book is one of the exact reasons I’ve always wanted to be a mom. And how can I not elaborate on that? I think weird ‘stalker’ is done finally – so why not give a little personal background – a little more info?
Here goes nothing.
I was 6, we lived in Texas, we didn’t have many neighbors but we were soon to be getting some because down the road from our house there was a construction crew and they were fixing to be building a house. We watched them for a few weeks and then decided those young men, with their shirts off, in the Texan sun – yea – they looked hungry. So we asked our mom to help us make some cookies and lemonade to bring down to the site and sell to all the workers.
We made bank and soon realized we could be taking our enterprise to other residents within a mile radius of our house. This is my first memory of any sort of Bake Sale, we’ve been a part of and attended a few since then but I just love them. Mostly I love making the goodies and then setting them up in such a way that it looks like people are purchasing centerpieces for their party, not the dessert.
And seeing a book like this actually makes my heart beat faster. I get all excited and then I start thinking about when the next bake sale is around here and how can I get involved, because those cupcakes? Have you seen those cupcakes – someone will definitely buy some of those …

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