Not so long ago my family referred to Jessica as “baby Jessica” and, in some cases, “baby Jessa” for those who couldn’t get all the letters together in one mouthful. Those little people are here now. My niece Tara, who is now 4 1/2 going on 30, and my nephew, Jamie Scott, who just turned 1 and is wearing a size 9 shoe. Jessica – she wears a size 6 and is a good 18 months older than the little guy.
Jessica met Jamie last summer about this time when my sister in law, Erin, brought him and Tara out here for a visit. Jessica didn’t so much care about a baby – the newest baby in our family of 7 nieces and nephews. She didn’t even really care about Tara and Tara … well she had her own agenda, too. Not sharing. And being older. Much older. And the boss. She takes this role to heart.
Now they’re back for another visit and everyone is so much bigger. Tara still loves being older than everyone here but she’s gotten so gentle and loving towards the other kids. They’re not competition as much as they are “little people who don’t any better so I obviously have to help them”.
And Jamie Scott? He is the cats meow. He’s bigger than Jessica is … now, but he’s a big glop of baby love and sweet neck sweat and mama’s boy. He is precious – the youngest of the grand baby clan and completely worth the cramp you’ll get in your arm from holding him.
They leave tomorrow, which is all together very sad because I really miss my brothers and their families. But now I’ll get to hear about Tara and Jamie from Jessica – and when are we going to see the big baby? And is Tara coming to play? With Emma! and Sophia! All very excited that she gets to play with people who share her gene pool.

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  1. She will always be “baby Jessica” to Tara and I no matter how old she is. We still talk about babysitting her before we moved when she was a baby and Tara loved to sing to her. We had a blast and miss you and the rest of the fam so much, enjoy the rest of the summer, I came home to 108 degree weather…..awesome. Love erin

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