Announcing another baby

I was going to try and wait until tomorrow to write this but I just can’t. I am too stinkin’ excited. If you didn’t catch it at the end of the last entryWE’RE PREGNANT!
And we’re pumped! We’ve been trying for a little while – and apparently got pregnant right away – which we expected. I’m fertile myrtle over here. I’ve kinda wondered the past few weeks if I was pregnant – some nights I’d get nauseous and that was my only clue. When I was pregnant with Jessica my whole body changed right away but this time the only inkling was some queeziness ONCE in a while.
I’m very blessed not to be tormented with morning sickness or any other ailment. I’m tired some times, but I don’t have the luxury of just stopping like I did when I was pregnant with Jessica – now I have a 2 year old running around. This is very exciting.
We had talked about how we were going to announce that we were pregnant before we knew we were … if we would wait at all, etc. I wanted to wait the formal 3 months to tell people but then we found out and I just can’t NOT tell you. And then we had thought about making a video of Jessica announcing that she’s going to be a big sister – but of course, we didn’t do that either. Maybe we still will.
The doctor says our estimated due date is May 13, 2008. And we’ll probably find out the sex of this baby. Aaron wants to know and he thinks (and I think) it’ll be easier for Jessica to know. But my brother, Joel, who has an uncanning sense of the sex of the babies in our family has already told me “BOY!” which I have a very strong feeling about, too.
We shall see …

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