Potty training thoughts

Yesterday was a great day – Jessica and I went downtown in the morning to see one of her and one of my friends. The kids played while I got some adult conversation. After nap we had dinner at a park with Aaron’s family and played for quite a while – aiding in Jessica’s easy transition to bed. Everyone came over to our house for a movie night and then Leah, my sister in law, spent the night with me so I could sleep with both my eyes closed. Which I did.
I have a really hard time actually GETTING to sleep though, without Aaron. So although I actually slept last night, I didn’t sleep very much and am hoping and praying for a long nap today. I might have to get myself some kind of mild sleep aid to get through the next few nights. This is crazy.
On the other hand though – Jessica is doing fabulously well. Missing her dad but keeping busy making forts and playing with her kitchen. She’s really interested in the concept of being a big sister although she has no idea what that means.
I tried to convince her that when her baby brother comes around she’s going to have to give all her diapers to him (trying to potty train) and she could have cared less if I was offering her the moon. Those diapers? Are hers. Period. Ok. No problem. Then I asked her if she wanted to wear panties all the time and she says yes! She knows she gets a new bike when she uses the potty all the time but that excitement has died a little. Although she talks about it constantly.
Feel free to give me tips – I know they’ll do it when they’re ready, I’ve read all the books. But you don’t understand, she is ready. She has dry naps and has bladder control she just could care less about being that responsible or self aware.
I’m not pushing it – if we’re out and about she’ll ask to use the bathroom on her own sometimes, even with a diaper on – so I don’t have much to complain about – but nevertheless … I would truly love to be done with her diapers – by Halloween. Am I dreaming?

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  1. So is the new baby a boy for sure?!!? oh this is so exciting! (I know I am a hundred or more miles away, but I am pumped for ya!!) Good luck on the potty training…I have no advice as I have not been blessed with children yet!

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