We have some options with Insurance – Blue Cross Blue Shield has a plan that would work for us, it’s double what we’re paying now per month but the deductible is more than half of what we currently have. So after I talk to them and Aaron and I spend some time hashing out the details I think we’ll be OK. At the end of pregnancy we still will have paid over $4,000 but everything else will be covered as well as the routine office visits for me and the baby after the birth.
With all the hospital costs and the added $2,700 for the doctor with a routine pregnancy (no complications) we’ll be saving a good half of what we would have to spend if we stayed with the plan we have now.
We paid $60 to give birth to Jessica. Ha! Any way, it’ll work out. It was good to have to figure this out, now we know. And now we also know how to ask questions of insurance companies and what to make sure we have and don’t have.
In other news – much more exciting news – I got a baby name book from the library the other night and out of ALL the boy names there were 8 that I put on a list. After I tried the middle name with the first names I only had 2 left on my list.
Big deal, I know – but I’m pretty sure we have the name for the baby if it really is a boy! This makes me very excited and Jessica likes the name too … the jury’s still out on whether or not we’ll share the name – I’m guessing Jessica will spill it – but for now lets just be excited that I’m excited about this šŸ™‚

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