Baby #2 is already making itself known

I’m feeling uncomfortably pregnant today. This weekend in Boston it started. A small bump emerging and the “full” feeling 24/7. Food doesn’t interest me on a regular basis and when it does I need it NOW. I feel like my stomach is in the middle of my chest and I can never get a full breath of air. Oh – and I’m congested.
I’m still nauseous once in a while, too. I don’t have anything too bad to complain about it’s just that I’d like to not feel so uncomfortable all the time. If I’m this uncomfortable now what is it going to be like in 5 months? Oh dear.
My first doctor’s apt is Sept 28th – it’s the “education” appointment. I’m semi excited about this just because we’ll get to try to hear a heart beat but the whole education part of it … how much has changed in 2 1/2 years? I know what happens. They have my history … I already own the book they freely give out.
Pretty much at this point, I’m just annoyed. Annoyed that I feel so uncomfortable already and annoyed that I’m tired all the time. I really just want to play with Jessica and be her mom right now. Not a lump on log.

2 thoughts on “Baby #2 is already making itself known

  1. Well, glad to hear you feel like crap, so do I. Tired, crabby, and my stomach hasn’t stopped hurting since the day I found out. (so maybe it isn’t in my head>) Oh, and I unbuttoned my pants once I made it to my van to go home today!! Yuk, is the word and I am royally annoyed. If you lay on the floor and announce you are the jungle gym than maybe Jessica will climb on you while you rest, Jamie and Tara do! Feel better, I reccomend the 8 o’clock bedtime. love you Erin

  2. Oh Erin! I feel your pain. The last thing I want to do lately is PLAY but I feel terrible NOT playing. We do alot of “hiding” in the pillows which is at least soft and comfortable and if I close my eyes she thinks I’m just hiding too. šŸ˜‰ I definitely feel the crabby streak some times and since I know whats going on I feel like I should be able to stop it but for some reason it just keeps going. Even though I don’t want to or mean it … hormones. Some times a girl just needs a break šŸ™‚ haha – but we’re doing ok, getting through it. I know it was like this when I was PG with Jessica but the difference is I didn’t have another small human running around demanding my attention then, I could rest if I needed to. I hope you start to feel better too! Maybe the 2nd trimester will be better for both of us! Then we can swap another kind of story and tips (a friend just told me about an amazing nursing bra … )
    Love you!

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