Brand New Bike!

We didn’t actually get done with the tiling this weekend. Aaron had to work on Sunday and Jessica just keeps getting sicker. It started with a running nose after the Grandparent extravaganza weekend, which we expected because her diet usually changes a bit when we’re gone – and then it turned into a cough, then a deeper chest cough and now we’re dealing with a severe cough and congestion and a bit of throwing up.
The medicine is taking effect so I think we’re on the upswing but all our plans for the weekend quickly went south with our little running faucet.
Having a sick kid is a lot like being grounded. You really should stay home even though you feel like crying the next time you see the same 4 walls for the 173rd time in one hour.
We told Jessica last week that this week we’d be POTTY TRAINING! and Aren’t you so excited about it??!! She was and is very vamped up about Potty Training and has been asking anyone who comes over if they’re potty trained because She Gets To Potty Train Soon, Too! You’d think her current lifestyle would not be conducive to such instruction but she’s all excited about it despite the fact that her breathing sounds like Darth Vader.
So hopefully by Friday we’ll be the happy new owners of a Brand New Bike! that Jessica got to pick out all by herself and hopefully we’ll also all be healthy by then.

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  1. A bump…oh so exciting!! I loved it when you posted pics of your last pregnancy…something I look forward too…hopefully owen and i will have children soon….

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