Small idiosyncrasies.

Upon waking up this morning Jessica comes into our bedroom and sits next to me on the bed. She sweet talks me a little, asks me some questions about the clothing I’m wearing and then gently tells me to “Get up and grow up.” Which is Jessica speech means, please sit up and wake up.
Can do.
She says little things like this often – switching meanings of one phrase to her liking so she gets her point across. When we asked her if she was a Pistol this morning she vehemently stated that No, she was no pistol – she was a Jessica. Only her saying Jessica is a lot like “Guessica.”
Then we waddle into the kitchen to say good bye to Aaron for the day and get some breakfast and she opens the fridge to loudly exclaim : “It smells so wonderful!” (I bought groceries yesterday).
And like the cherry on top – when I’m not feeling well she always asks me if the baby brother in my belly is making my tummy hurt. Like, Mom, I get it, I know whats going on and it’s OK.

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