Jessica on being 2.5

Jessica has become a little more aggressive in her play tactics lately and this morning we tried to tell her that she’ll have to share with her new brother or sister when it comes.
You should have seen her face. We might as well have told her that all kitties in the entire world were just run over by the big garbage truck and they were now extinct. No more kittens. All gone. She was floored by this revelation and she took a minute to think about it then she turned to us and explained, very calmly, that NO. she would not be sharing with any baby – no matter what.
And just like that we’re not so excited about the prospect of a baby brother or sister.
Ah to be 2 1/2 again. Life’s biggest problem was figuring out how to outwit the big humans who feed me – how to make them believe that sharing is for sissy’s (not to be confused with sisters).

3 thoughts on “Jessica on being 2.5

  1. First ~ Dad & I have noticed how ‘long’ Jessica is looking in her pictures…anybody else noticing that? It was so odd the other day when she had to bend DOWN to look thru the bottom window in the front door, my mouth dropped open! What you said in this post ~ yes, you probably are going to have a few tense moments here and there…on the other hand, I’ve never met a sweetie that shares so much ~ uninstigated ~ as Jessica does. When she is able to get a box of raisins, she makes sure I have one too ~ or her apple or pear slices ~ unasked for ~ but somehow she must think I am dwindling down to nothing and must be fed. She also shares her markers, chalk, books, etc. so easily. However, I go home again. So yes, this new one will take some getting used to for her ~ actually for ALL of you! But somehow, the blessings still will out weigh everything else life throws at you! I love you all!

  2. yea Jessica is generally sweet but of course she doesn’t act naughty for you guys – you’re grandma and grandpa. you always seem so surprised when we tell you she’s pretty normal in acting like a two year old and not always this angelic little girl. Which she can be, and we love that too – this post was meant to be funny though – not to make her look like a baby hater or something. Hope it didn’t come across that way.

  3. Well she and Abbi can get together and complain about thier new siblings together. I think Abbi would be more excited if we were bringing home a puppy instead of a new baby. Or better yet, a balloon! It will make for an interesting next year, that’s for sure! Glad to hear that everything went well with the ultrasound!!

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