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We made it through the weekend. It was quite tiring and trying as parents. We did alot of staying in the house due to some 3 feet attitude and temper tantrums. But this morning things are looking up. For one, I don’t feel like I’m walking on a boat in a storm and wishing I could just stop the spinning already. I feel half way normal this morning – I feel great. I have energy – I could go on.
So I’m looking to be a little more active with Jessica this week since I’ve hardly been able to stand up without getting dizzy with nausea these past few days. We might venture to the local aquatic center for some swimming or go on a hike.
She already helped me make our first batch of applesauce this morning and is now enjoying some reading time in our bedroom. She lost all privilege’s to watch TV or movies so we’re getting creative (which I love) with how we spend our down time. That’s right babysitters and Grandparents – no more TV for this girl, not at our house and not for a long time.
So if you have any fun ideas for preschoolers let me know – I do have an activity book that we’ve been using but I’d love to hear what you’ve done and what your kids enjoy doing that doesn’t involve a television šŸ™‚

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  1. I just finished writing a lesson plan for pre-schoolers on creation. i found some great web-sites with awesome crafts relating to Bible stories. The one I used for my lesson plan was making a creation mobile. The site has the templates you can print, etc etc. is the web site for what its worth. Some of the crafts might be fun, and Jessica might learn some of the Bible stories too!

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