4 thoughts on “Spent

  1. Hey lady! Glad to hear your feeling a little better, I am going up and down now with energy which is better than it was. I like the blender, just bought a new one too. I have been making smoothies at least once a day for a month now, can’t get enough of them. Had a doc app, due date is now 4/28 and nothing too exciting happened. Both kids are sick, so we are having fun too, I am sending you Tara’s first ever preschool pic, very exciting! Bye for now

  2. Wow – 4/28 … love it. A little farther than what you were thinking? That news is the best. Yea, I’ve been making milk shakes everyday but the dairy is killing me, but the craving would send me to a worse place so I’m dealing with it. I’d like to figure out a way to make icecream out of rice milk – I’ll have to try. Can’t wait to see the pic of Tara. Love you!

  3. i’ve got a great smoothie recipie w/yogurt. would that help? i thought you said one time yogurt dairy was ok? if it is i’ll get it to you pronto šŸ™‚ its my favorite smoothie recipie and i’ve tried a ton of them. this one actually tastes great!

  4. Tracy – yea yogurt I can do – I’d love the recipe. thanks! And I did find some recipes for Rice Milk ice cream – I’ll have to put our ice cream maker to use.

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