Fall is here!

It’s a bit rainy outside and getting colder – I love this weather. I finally get to wear my sweaters and scarves. And I always feel like crocheting around this time of year too. Probably some sort of nesting I go through every year. I just love this time of year.
Aaron is off to Oklahoma next week and for now, this is the last trip of the season – which I cannot be more excited about. Also next week we’re heading out to Grand Haven for their Fall Harvest at the Conference Grounds. We’ll be staying in a cabin for 3 nights and doing all kinds of Jessica friendly activities like hayrides and family trick or treating. This year Jessica is going to be a Ladybug šŸ™‚
On the pregnancy side of things I’m feeling much better these days. Hopefully it lasts throughout this month so I can be done with all the morning sickness. I’ve been craving dairy which is a two edged sword for me but I’m trying to be smart about the choices I make in that area – although milk shakes make it very hard.
I doubt we’ll be doing some of the travel we were planning on – like going to Peru this Jan for my (step) brother’s wedding and depending on when our friends head out to Germany we might be skipping that as well – which is a bummer but hopefully we’ll get another chance to go out there. We are hoping to make it to Washington yet this year – Aaron has a contract he’s working on in Seattle and if he gets that approved we’ll be heading out there.
Thats all the boring family information I have for now šŸ™‚

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