Itch to move

We want to sell our house. Badly. We never intended to stay here longer than this past summer and if it were up to us we probably would have sold last year. But … the market took a crap.
We might just try to sell anyway. We love the yard, it’s great – but it’s too much for us. And we love the house – but with any house you didn’t build yourself there are always things we are wanting to change and re do.
What we really want to do is build – so we’ll see what develops. Maybe nothing, since a baby is coming – but that seems to be the best time for us to move.

3 thoughts on “Itch to move

  1. I have that itch to move as well! If it were up to me I would move at least every 2 years!! šŸ™‚

  2. If you really want to move soon, do it in the next 6 months. It’s going to be so much easier moving before the baby’s born than doing it with a new little one, which I know I don’t have to tell you. Then again, it’s not very easy to just decide to build and be done 6 months later, and I do think you’ll regret it if you don’t build … unless you buy downtown like you’ve tossed around before.

  3. yeah I know – we moved here when I was about 5mo’s pg with Jessica … it was great to move pregnant. We could build in 6 months no problem, but we’d have to already have a plan … which we don’t. We’ll just see what happens.

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