More about Jessica

As I’m sure you’re all surprised to hear – Jessica just keeps getting cuter. Some of the things she says to us we wonder where in the world she got that idea – but love that she got it nonetheless.
She’s taken to calling me her sweetheart or reversing our rolls and she’ll be “Mom” and I’ll be “Jessica” for the better part of a day. She’s fiercely independent but in a rarely endearing way. She loves to “hold” my belly and practice holding her baby brother. And she also loves to tell him how big he’s getting in there.
‘You’re getting bigger, baby brother!’ or ‘Wow, Mom! He’s growing up!’ And she never forgets to show me her baby brother as well (her belly).
Today she spent a good 35 minutes singing Hakuna Matata over and over again, she knows the whole song and even where to whisper and speed up. I video taped it – on the old hand held one, not the small camera so I can’t put it up here – but some day … she’s going to love watching how cute she was singing while climbing the support beam in our basement.

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