Archibald McShaver Schaap

When I was pregnant with Jessica and we decided not to find out the sex of the baby we got reactions all over the board. But mostly people thought they were entitled to some kind of information. People usually not related to me, strangers, if you will. They all wanted a piece of the very exciting pie that is pregnancy and a big belly to rub and cuddle.
This annoyed the hell out of me. So we made up fake names to tell the very nosy people who couldn’t shut up already.
This time around? We’ve already told the internet that we’ll most likely be finding out the sex of this baby, although lately I’m secretly hoping their legs are crossed and we won’t be able to tell, I just love a surprise, but anyway – we’ve mixed it up a bit and nicknamed this one Archibald McShaver. Don’t ask why, it just came to me last night and stuck.
If we do end up finding out the sex we won’t be revealing names, in my personal opinion, you’re just asking for ridiculous suggestions and turned up noses no matter what you choose because everyone and their brother knows someone by that name who was mean or ugly or something unwanted – and they don’t mind telling you all about it.
Plus? Being pregnant and having another baby with Aaron – it’s beautifully personal and really doesn’t concern too many other people than he and I.

3 thoughts on “Archibald McShaver Schaap

  1. Yes! I love the name. Go for it. I was going to suggest Oliver Boliver Butt, or Buck Buck McFate (my favorite two from Dr. Seuss’ “Too Many Daves,”), but yours is much more original. Now I wanted to be the first one to ask the freaking annoying question everyone asks after hearing the name, “are you going to shorten it? Are you going to call him Archy?” ;-).

  2. Uh no – if I want to call my kid Archy, I’ll name him Archy. I don’t like the whole shortening thing, personally. Other people can do what they want, it doesn’t matter to me – but I’d like my kid to be called the name we give them. šŸ˜‰ Oliver Boliver Butt has a ring to it though …

  3. Amen, sistah! People still ask about if we’re going to shorten Levi’s name, and I always think, “uh, no? It’s only 4 letters long?”

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