Maternity wear

Now that the bump has popped a bit I’m finding it harder to fit into some of my clothes. I got out some of my maternity clothes from my first pregnancy and although they fit me now, they won’t after Thanksgiving dinner. Different seasons and a smaller version of myself makes for a tricky fit. Plus most of my maternity clothes are business clothes types.
I remember spending almost $80 on a my pair of maternity jeans because I just wanted to wear jeans already. All I had was khakis and slacks and nice dress shirts. I just wanted a pair of jeans to bum around in. I only knew about one maternity store at the time … the one my sister worked in, in Marshal Fields (Now Macy’s) … spendy.
So I’m bummed that I won’t get to use those again, besides the fact that they resemble flood waders. I think I grew a few inches upwards too.
I know I have more maternity clothes in the attic somewhere but it’s come down to needing Aaron’s help to climb up there and root around. He thinks that’s about as much as a dog biting him in the scrotum – and since that’s just a bag of happy times I’m sure I’ll be waiting a while yet before we find those clothes, too.
I did find my maternity swim suit though. Which is a bit of a victory because the one I bought for this past summer already went south, the fabric is falling apart and I would recommend you not spend your hard earned money at Endless Summer. Just a suggestion. I’m not bitter. And since it’s a routine to go to the aquatic center once a week with Jessica, it was getting interesting as to what I was able to pull off in the swim wear department.
A trip to Chicago for H&M clothes shopping and Gap Maternity is approaching, plus Chicago is just fun and festive and I want to go so so so bad. And? Garrett’s Popcorn and steam rising in the sidewalks? Something about it all just makes me feel like for a day I’m not just a mom, just a wife, just the cook, housekeeper, or event planner. I get a break from the ordinary and that is just darn priceless.

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