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I mentioned earlier that we were looking into home birth because of the cost and got some great responses with emails full of information, books to read and people to talk to. Thank you. I love lists of books to check out – and mine is growing ever longer.
Here’s what we’ve decided as of now. After talking about it long and hard, asking midwives questions, doing research and really thinking through what we want for the birth of this baby we’ve boiled it down to this:
My first birth experience was in a hospital, with a doctor. I loved my birth experience and would not change a thing – I loved my nurses, I loved the care, the attention the detail, I LOVE my doctor and a home birth is missing all of that. The main ingredient to the happiness of Jessica’s birth was the relationship we have with my OB – when he’s done delivering babies, we’re probably done having them. This is how much we love and adore him and how much we cry at the thought of testing out other waters – because at the end of the day, if he’s not there, neither am I.
After what I’ve read about home births, though, and the people I’ve talked to that have experienced them or are on their way to experience them talk about it with as much love and adoration as I have for my doctor. Which is like telling me that Dark Chocolate is now available in liquid bubble bath, edible and all – both wonderful and delectable options. To each his own.
We’ll keep you posted on this journey that is this child’s birthing experience, but as of now we’re sticking with the same birth experience we had the first go around and loved. A hospital with wonderful nurses who stayed hours after their shift just for the birth of our baby and cried with us when she was born and named. And my doctor who made me feel completely comfortable in the face of the unknown, who talked to me like a person, not a patient and who cared about our situation so much that he still asks how I’m doing post death of father, birth of daughter.

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