Home Improvement: Shower

We’re making progress on the shower! And by “we” I mean I’m making sure Jessica stays upstairs while our contractor works ever-so-efficiently all by his lonesome.

As of right now the walls are tiled and edged and he’s working on the lip of the shower. Which we had raised 7 inches because we removed that ugly, ugly door from ever making a mean appearance in my nightmares ever again. So you know, for the curtain we’ll be putting there we though a bit more of a lip would be perfect, what with all the showers we take and children we have. It just spells mess without that extra 7 inches.
I’m excited to see the floor tiles go in and get the “whole” picture of what the shower will look like. I spent all of 5 minutes debating over what tiles to purchase. I knew I needed 12X12’s for the walls and 2X2’s for the flooring. Great. Show me where – I’ll take that one, now show me the little buggers – great, that matches – we’re done here. No I’m not kidding. I mean, I got these good style ideas by Atlas but seriously, who wants to build a house for us? You’ll love me. I don’t have the gene in my body that makes it hard for me to make a decision, in fact that gene annoys the hell out of me. But thats another story for another time.

I always know what I’m buying – I look in magazines and shop online for a bit before I go out and spend my money. But if I know I want a tan and there are 12 tans to choose from – I stop looking at them after I found the one I want.
So ok, I’ll tell you this story – I went to a framing party and one of the women (consultants) there took it upon herself to try and “help” me frame a photo of Jessica. I had already picked out what I wanted, I was ready to pay and leave but she just wanted to see what this matte looked like with this frame – OH! And then ask EVERYONE else in attendance about how it looked. Then she’d give me the verdict, she liked it, or not.
Please just poke my eyes out now. In the end, to shut her up, and because I’m generally happy to please I just went with her pick because I was so fed up with her little “fitting room” game on my frame … I haven’t even hung it on the wall yet. I hate the matte she chose.
Back to tiling. I’m happy with it. Can’t wait to use it. Am reserving it ahead of time to make all 7 of our future children.
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2 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Shower

  1. I would have replaced the shower valve…galvanized piping is not great. I couldn’t tell, did he use the Kerdi drain? If not, how did he attach the membrane to the drain?
    The tub/shower valve I bought for my tub comes in a shower only version…it’s not cheap, but you could probably replace what you have with this. Grohe makes it, and it is designed to use a bar with a hand-held shower head. Having the height adjustable would make it more accommodating for the children and makes cleanup easier too, since you can direct it easily anywhere you need to; something you can’t do with a fixed showerhead.

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