Hip Hip Holidays!

The holidays are coming. Are you as excited about this as I am? I just can’t wait. We have our first holiday party this weekend and it’s all I can do not to drag out the Christmas decorations and go wild around here. Aaron has told me that nothing of the green or red sort can come out until December. Well. We’ll see.
All I want to do is bake bon-bon’s and make biscotti, chex mix and cut out cookies to decorate. I can’t contain this urge. I’ve already begun.
I do know that Thanksgiving comes first and I’m just as excited about that – because green bean casserole is God’s gift to Dutch folk. At least this one, in Heaven there will be a buffet of green bean casserole with my name on it, all the time. I won’t get sick of it either, I know what you’re thinking. But I’ve tried, it’s impossible.
Plus? The holiday season is when I’ll start to feel the baby kick and move and we’ll have another ultrasound to find out the sex of this baby right around then too. Very exciting.

2 thoughts on “Hip Hip Holidays!

  1. Hey lady, I can’t wait to get out the decorations either, or to feel this baby kicking and moving around that time too!! My ultrasound is 11/21, pray for a cooperative child so we can find out, Tara is hoping for a sister….we will see!

  2. Jessica is hoping for a baby brother – I asked her the other day “What if it’s a baby sister?” And she was all – “No, mom … it’s a baby brother!”
    At least we’ll have time to get used to it if it is a girl šŸ™‚

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